- Technology startup companies have needs.

  - In a National Benchmarking Survey* of 79 high technology incubators in the
    United States, LIHTI was rated #1 Best-In-Class: Sales Revenue Growth, and
    #5 (the #1 mixed-technology incubator) Best-In-Class: Employment Growth.

  - Let us provide you with what your technology business needs to grow
    and succeed.

The Long Island High Technology Incubator (LIHTI) is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping new technologically-innovative companies to grow by providing them with a variety of support resources and services. Since its opening in 1992, the Incubator has been associated with more than 70 businesses, and 44 companies have graduated successfully from the LIHTI program, contributing over $2.5B to the national economy and creating jobs for over 500 employees.

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Our affiliation with the Stony Brook University makes LIHTI an ideal place for cutting-edge R&D. Transferring technology and ideas from the University to the private sector has proven to be the single most important reason why the program has succeeded beyond anyone's imagination.

*Incubating Technology Businesses - A National Benchmarking Survey (2003) by L. Tornatzky, H. Sherman, and D. Adkins (NBIA Publications, Research Series available through www.NBIA.org )

Business Alliances

PAL software understands how crucial it is to be focused at the start up stage particularly with limited funding. At the same time itís also critical to have a strong web presence. As a partner with LIHTI, we would like to offer a special website designing and hosting package for your company. For more details, please visit www.palsoftwares.com....

Our Facilities Feature

  • Located at Stony Brook University (www.sunysb.edu)
  • SBU specialized research facilities
  • Walking distance to campus
  • SBU Medical Center (www.stonybrookmedicalcenter.org)
  • Graduate, Medical, Dental, Business, Nursing & Health Prof Schools
  • Interns, students
  • Talented faculty researchers
  • 40+ suites, 62,000 sf total space
  • Attractive office suites (500 & 1,000sf)
  • Wet labs; sinks, fume hoods, gas & air (500 & 1,000sf)
  • Nearly all suites with windows
  • Competitive rates & short term leases
  • Shared kitchen
  • Landscaped courtyard with pond
  • High-speed Internet
  • Electronic access to SBU libraries
  • Conference rooms (projector, internet, teleconference)
  • Gated parking lot
  • Proxy card access 24/7
  • Incubator Without Walls (IWW) Program